Saturday, October 30, 2010

GPSMonitor mapping update

GPSMonitor has an update to its mapping code which isn't actually a change to the executable. The current version will automatically start mapping properly for a GPS which uses commas in the latitude/longitude rather than periods.

The application itself pulls the local number formatting information correctly from the computer, but it calls out to a web site to draw the map page. That means I need my web page to be smart enough to swap both number formats into the one my Google Map connection is expecting. It's much happier now. Here's a sample map. If you click on the marker or look in the data passed to the page, you can see it's using the European comma number format.

Also I noticed a typo which I've fixed but not yet distributed. The GGL tab should be labeled GLL. The code all uses GLL as it should, but I missed the incorrect text on the tab.

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