Monday, April 14, 2008

GPSMonitor responses

I've received a request to increase the range of COM ports that GPSMonitor scans, so the next update will include scanning up to COM15. Yeah, someone has their GPS at a double digit com port. While I'm at it, I may also allow it to be set to something besides the default 4800 baud. If you have a request, drop me an email.

Based on my web logs, a bunch of you are testing out the application with no GPS attached. When you do that, you will get no graphs, but the map will work. The map shows you a default location a couple miles from my house, in the middle of a busy intersection. Of course when you show the map with a GPS attached, it's likely to never request the same exact map, so I'll get a huge pile of virtual single page hits, so I will have a hard time summing up the traffic. Any ideas on how to do that with Google Analytics, to ignore form-based parameters sent to a web page when counting page hits? I may have to just rely on the hit and visitor summaries.