Thursday, May 8, 2008

GPS Number Formatting

Oh, you tricksy Europeans. I forgot to take into consideration that you might use something besides my localized US English numeric representation for latitude and longitude. GPSMonitor is expecting something like this, which is the default location if you have no GPS hooked up:

latitude = 40.522
longitude = -111.958

And some of the GPS systems out there have been trying to feed this format to my poor mapping page:

latitude = 6750,167
longitude =5261,067

It looks like I need to update things so my US-based web page is only fed numbers that use periods for their decimal point. Google's maps don't know what to do with commas. Sorry about all those maps where it looks like you're a couple thousand miles north of the North Pole. Yes, it actually showed me one like that. Not wrapping around to the south, but north of the pole.

So, does anyone know off hand what the units are on those numbers? If I had to guess, I'd assume it was something like 6750 minutes, or 67 degrees and 50 minutes, or 67 and a half degrees, but those would all be guesses. Time to break out the web search engine...