Friday, March 7, 2008

Home Page Redesign

The site redesign is going well, but is a bit slow due to Real Life continuing with its demands. I'm putting in the functionality I want on the site , then I will worry about making it look nicer by adjusting colors, logos, fonts, and all that fun stuff before declaring it live. I'm experimenting with doing the whole site as php files so I can include interesting things like RSS feeds and google maps inline.

During all this, I'm getting a major overhaul of PingGraph done which will organize the interface a lot better, and have much nicer timestamps on the graphs. I'm going to use a layout that I built into my GPS Monitor app. Speaking of which, the monitor works well, but is missing a feature or two that I really want to add, but one feature in particular needs the site to be running first. Those chickens and eggs are at it again, and I need to figure out the right order to get things done.

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